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Let us take care of your landscaping for you

With spring and summer helping your plants to grow like crazy, your yard requires more maintenance than just mowing the lawn. This year, don’t spend your time doing yard work! Relax and enjoy your free time while we do what we do best – taking care of your landscaping!

Professional lawn maintenance you will love

Instead of spending hours mowing your lawn, pulling weeds, and trimming shrubs, let Crowley Landscape Management do it for you. With years of experience, your lawn will look perfectly manicured. Our professionals arrive on time and go straight to work.

Read more about our lawn care services.

Help regulate the ground temperature of your landscape and keep your plants cool

Bark dust safely protects your plants from inclement weather changes by regulating the ground temperature. In addition, it helps keep weeds from growing and adds another layer of color to your landscape. This year, protect your plants and save yourself from the weeds by letting Crowley Landscape Management install bark dust for you.

Keep your home safe and your view unobstructed with our tree pruning service

Tree pruning can be time consuming job and even dangerous if done incorrectly. Instead of watching online videos or guessing as you go, let our friendly landscapers do it for you. We know how to safely prune your trees so you can treasure your outdoor space.

Remove the leaves from your landscape without the stress

Skip the annual frustration of raking the leaves and use our yard care professionals. Save time cleaning up the mess and revel in the outdoors instead.

Prepare your yard for Fall and Winter

Getting your landscape ready for the colder months is a lot of work. It takes longer when you are unsure how to care for your plants properly. We will help you get things ready and allows your plants to survive the winter and blossom the following year.

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"Tim is honest and pays attention to the smallest details. The whole team is 100% on your side and makes sure to not leave any rock or dirt out of place."

Katie G. from Wilsonville

"So happy with Crowley Landscape Management. They have transformed our tired yard into a jewel. Tim Crowley and team are easy to work with, provide the highest quality and excellent customer service."

Pat S. from Wilsonville

"They did such a phenomenal job that I called their manager to provide a glowing review after the fact. I was blown away. Can't wait to have them back!"

Jennifer L.

"They faithfully come every other week ... It is a very reliable, reputable company... They never miss a date and always come when they are supposed to... It always looks neat and clean when they leave. They do everything so you don't have to worry about your property anymore with the way they handle it."

Patty F.

"I'm so happy with the work from the Crowley Landscape Management team. The team completed what would have taken me months in a matter of days.Can't wait to work with them again on future projects!"

Janee B. from Beaverton

"Crowley Landscape management did such a good job that we have hired them to do regular yard maintenance. They are thorough and prompt."

Sandra P.

"Clear communication from office, no surprises , on time and the best crews and customer service u can ask for. Cleaned up weeds trimmed neglected roses. Cleaned up shrubbery in back yard! Looks went from scary to inviting. Thank you Crowley landscape service."

Lynn A.

"Crowley Landscape management is a very professional company. Management and crew alike were all professional and a pleasure to work with. They are a very organized, prompt and friendly group. The project came out better than we had hoped for. We would not hesitate to use them again and are planning on using Crowley for our weekly maintenance program. If you want the best call Crowley."

Don S.