Landscape Design

Landscape Installation

Landscape Installation

You have an exciting design, now it’s time for us to get dirty.

Turn your design into reality with our expert installation team. We will do the heavy lifting and dirty work to get your new landscape off to a healthy start. We know exactly what each plant needs, what it takes to build a sound retaining wall, and every step to make your yard look it’s best.

Your landscape will last

You want the plants you fell in love with to last this season and beyond. By catering to your plants’ needs, Crowley Landscape Management will ensure they are in an optimal place, with just the right amount of sunlight and water, so you can enjoy them year after year.

Let us install your water feature so you know it was done correctly

A water feature adds charm and soothing sounds, drowning out traffic and neighborhood noises. Crowley Landscape Management can install fountains, waterfalls and more that look great and runs perfectly. You can relax knowing we installed your feature so it will efficiently use water while creating an oasis in your outdoor space.

While keeping your landscape as intact as possible, we carefully install your water feature by digging only in places necessary.

Illuminate your beautiful landscape while keeping your home secure

Landscape lighting serves a dual purpose. It lights up your home to show off the architectural details and plant life, as well as keeping your property safe. Whether you use a design from our in-house designer or not, our our expert team will install it for you. This allows you and your friends to arrive safely to your door while highlighting the unique aspects of your home.

To install the look you want, we dig only in the places necessary to bury the cables. When we finish installing the cables we carefully cover them and return your landscape to its original state, but now with stunning lighting effects

Finally get the patio you want

Picnics, barbeques and days spent lounging on your patio will be all that much better with a renovation or a completely new patio. We will craft it with patterns, colors, and surface types to make it a stunning place to relax. Our friendly and fun professionals take great care to make your experience of getting a new patio fun and exciting.

Create privacy with a new fence

A fence allows you to mark your property lines, keeps your pets in your yard, and children safe, while giving you the privacy you desire. Crowley Landscape Management knows how to install the sturdy fence you need with minimal disturbance. We’ll review your fencing options with you, just call and talk to our friendly landscape team.

A new beautiful walkway

While walkways serve a purpose, they can also be an artistic feature of any landscape. Using the neutral colors of most stone, pavers or even gravel for your walkway will make the color of your flowers more vibrant and add structure to your landscape. Your walkway will be elegant and welcoming also saving your plants and lawn from damage.

Our professional landscapers take pride in installing your delightful new walkway without disturbing you, your neighbors or your plants.

Add dimension and elegance to your landscape with a retaining wall.

Whether you want a retaining wall to blend in with your landscape or be a beautiful focal point, our installation team has years of experience creating solid, beautiful walls made of natural stone or blocks. A sound retaining wall will ensure your landscape structure remains the same over time, gives you more area, and adds dimension to your yard.

Make your custom gazebo a reality this year

Our experienced team will build the custom gazebo you will spend years creating memories in. Whether it’s our design or yours, the Crowley Landscape Management team will construct a quality structure, built to last.

Combat the rain with a great drainage system

Installing a drainage system ensures your landscape or home will be safe from the Pacific Northwest’s rainy weather. Our team knows how to help you find the areas that will drain your landscape, keeping your yard from pooling water or flooding, and ensuring your plants only get the water they need.

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"Tim is honest and pays attention to the smallest details. The whole team is 100% on your side and makes sure to not leave any rock or dirt out of place."

Katie G. from Wilsonville

"So happy with Crowley Landscape Management. They have transformed our tired yard into a jewel. Tim Crowley and team are easy to work with, provide the highest quality and excellent customer service."

Pat S. from Wilsonville

"They did such a phenomenal job that I called their manager to provide a glowing review after the fact. I was blown away. Can't wait to have them back!"

Jennifer L.

"They faithfully come every other week ... It is a very reliable, reputable company... They never miss a date and always come when they are supposed to... It always looks neat and clean when they leave. They do everything so you don't have to worry about your property anymore with the way they handle it."

Patty F.

"I'm so happy with the work from the Crowley Landscape Management team. The team completed what would have taken me months in a matter of days.Can't wait to work with them again on future projects!"

Janee B. from Beaverton

"Crowley Landscape management did such a good job that we have hired them to do regular yard maintenance. They are thorough and prompt."

Sandra P.

"Clear communication from office, no surprises , on time and the best crews and customer service u can ask for. Cleaned up weeds trimmed neglected roses. Cleaned up shrubbery in back yard! Looks went from scary to inviting. Thank you Crowley landscape service."

Lynn A.

"Crowley Landscape management is a very professional company. Management and crew alike were all professional and a pleasure to work with. They are a very organized, prompt and friendly group. The project came out better than we had hoped for. We would not hesitate to use them again and are planning on using Crowley for our weekly maintenance program. If you want the best call Crowley."

Don S.