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Custom Lawn Care

Custom Lawn Care

Get the best care for your lawn

You want your lawn green, full and beautiful without the work. Crowley Landscape Management can care for your lawn on a regular schedule or just once in awhile.

We provide:

  • Weekly mowing
  • Aeration
  • Fertilization
  • Pest Control
  • Weed Control

Contact Crowley Landscape Management and we will help you get started.

Come home to a manicured lawn

With our weekly mowing services, your lawn will be ready for any event you might have, including a lazy day outside. Reclaim hours of your weekend by having Crowley Landscape Management mow your lawn

Turn the brown spots into green using our aeration services

Over time your grass becomes so compacted from use that it needs to be loosened to allow water and nutrients to reach the roots. The process of aerating your lawn does this. Once your yard is aerated, water and nutrients will reach the root layer, you will notice brown spots turning green and the ground will feel softer.

Give your lawn the nutrition it needs

Fertilizing provides missing nutrients that the soil in your yard loses over time. Once these nutrients are restored, your plants and grass will grow stronger and your landscape will look healthier. Our landscape professionals know how to provide the nutrients your landscape needs.

Keep the plants you want in your landscape and lose the ones you don’t

Spending hours pulling the weeds from your landscape is never ideal. Our friendly professionals understand how to keep your outdoor space looking perfect so you can just relax and enjoy the outdoors. Not only can we get rid of the weeds you have now, but we can also take preventative measures to keep them from coming back quickly.

Put your feet up and let Crowley Landscape Management take care of your landscape. Contact us today.

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"Tim is honest and pays attention to the smallest details. The whole team is 100% on your side and makes sure to not leave any rock or dirt out of place."

Katie G. from Wilsonville

"So happy with Crowley Landscape Management. They have transformed our tired yard into a jewel. Tim Crowley and team are easy to work with, provide the highest quality and excellent customer service."

Pat S. from Wilsonville

"They did such a phenomenal job that I called their manager to provide a glowing review after the fact. I was blown away. Can't wait to have them back!"

Jennifer L.

"They faithfully come every other week ... It is a very reliable, reputable company... They never miss a date and always come when they are supposed to... It always looks neat and clean when they leave. They do everything so you don't have to worry about your property anymore with the way they handle it."

Patty F.

"I'm so happy with the work from the Crowley Landscape Management team. The team completed what would have taken me months in a matter of days.Can't wait to work with them again on future projects!"

Janee B. from Beaverton

"Crowley Landscape management did such a good job that we have hired them to do regular yard maintenance. They are thorough and prompt."

Sandra P.

"Clear communication from office, no surprises , on time and the best crews and customer service u can ask for. Cleaned up weeds trimmed neglected roses. Cleaned up shrubbery in back yard! Looks went from scary to inviting. Thank you Crowley landscape service."

Lynn A.

"Crowley Landscape management is a very professional company. Management and crew alike were all professional and a pleasure to work with. They are a very organized, prompt and friendly group. The project came out better than we had hoped for. We would not hesitate to use them again and are planning on using Crowley for our weekly maintenance program. If you want the best call Crowley."

Don S.