Summer heat is brutal on your yard.

After months of rain, suddenly your grass and plants need to adapt to a baking sun and less natural water. Left untended, you are likely to end up with brown spots in the yard.

However, there are ways to maintain a lush yard despite the heat.

To help you solve the mystery of summer lawn care, this post discusses the following topics:

  • Smart mowing
  • The best time to water in the summer
  • Dealing with brown grass in the summer

Smart Mowing Techniques

A well-mowed yard is a healthy yard.

However, you need to make sure your mowing helps support the health of your grass. With that in mind, set your mower to approximately 3 1/2 inches, or about enough space to allow a soda can under the mower’s rim.

Setting your mower for optimal height trims the blades so the plant isn’t struggling to support a large structure.

You’ll also want to mow at the appropriate times of day. Either mow in the morning after the morning dew has evaporated, or late in the afternoon, as close to dark as possible.

This helps your grass maintain its inner moisture despite being cut.

The Best Time to Water in the Summer

If you’ve gone a while without rain, you will need to water if you want to keep your lawn healthy.

To encourage grass roots to go deep, water every 3-4 days for approximately 15-20 minutes.

The best time to water in the summer is first thing in the morning. Afternoon watering might create a habitat where molds and fungus can flourish overnight.

If early morning watering interferes with your routines, consider setting a timer and automating the whole process.

For the most effective water management for your landscape, consult an experienced landscape professional.

Dealing with Brown Grass in the Summer

A brown patch on your summertime lawn might seem to indicate that it’s time to water more. However, brown patches can also indicate a fungal turf disease.

Fungus can lie in dormancy all year long, waiting to emerge when temps rise above 85° during the day and 70° at night.

To guard against brown grass, avoid fertilizing with too much nitrogen. Other preventative measures include aerating the yard, less-frequent mowing, and pruning trees and other shady plants nearby.

Discuss your yard with a landscaping professional and work out a focused plan to avoid or deal with existing brown grass in the summer.

Healthy Lawns with Crowley Landscape Management

Hot weather doesn’t have to mean brown spots in your lawn.

Find a way to keep your lawn healthy year-round by contacting our dedicated team of lawn care experts. We can develop the perfect landscaping plan for your property and provide consistent maintenance services that will keep your residential or commercial lawn looking great all year.

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