School maintenance is about more than maintaining the building and its systems. It’s vital to maintain a healthy external environment, as well.

When you have grounds that add to the educational experience of school, you will have maximized your budget as well as the lives of your students.

School landscaping also doesn’t have to be extremely difficult or over-tax your maintenance services.

If you plan out your school landscaping with a few simple guidelines, your facilities maintenance services personnel will spend less time working on the grounds.

This blog post has tips for beautifying your school grounds year-round.

Planting Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees are a great landscape design solution for maintaining beautiful grounds.

When your entrance includes large Douglas Fir trees, cedars, or others, the imposing building will be softened. Your students, teachers, and visitors will receive a healthy welcome every day.

Evergreen trees are also native to the Pacific Northwest region, so they will require minimal maintenance and will give your students an added sense of place and belonging.

School Landscaping with Native Plants

Native plants will give your school grounds year-round appeal.

Plants that thrive in this region include conifers, ferns, and many ornamentals, too.

Trillium flowers are always the bellwether of spring, and roses love our rich soil. Your science teachers can integrate these plants into botany lessons and students will be intrigued to learn more about their natural environment.

Here are a few more options that could work for school landscaping:

  • Trees
    • Bitter cherry
    • Black hawthorn
    • Pacific dogwood
  • Shrubs
    • Salmonberry
    • Salal
    • Pacific wax myrtle
  • Groundcover
    • Bracken fern
    • Edible thistle
    • Goldenrod

Students Can Participate in School Landscaping

To enhance your school landscape year-round, you could consider involving your students in a fun way.

That is, if you allocate part of the grounds for use as a student garden, your teachers can help facilitate a space for students to grow food, flowers, or other plants. This would inspire student learning and engagement while making good use of your school grounds space.

If this project is successful, you might expand its scope by involving students in other projects around the school grounds. Students can maintain and study worm compost bins, measure appropriate irrigation, and study other aspects of agricultural science.

Crowley Landscape Maintenance Services

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Our experienced landscape professionals can help you plan and install your school’s landscaping with year-round care in mind.

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