You love your trees. They add a certain character and charm to your property.

You may have planted a few trees to commemorate special occasions or perhaps they’ve been there as long as your home has been standing. No matter their sentimental value, you can keep your trees healthy and thriving by mulching around them.

Mulch contains moisture and nutrients which your trees need to thrive. From our professional commercial and residential landscape experience, we have written this post to provide a few key mulching tips to help you keep your trees healthy.

Organic Mulches Vs. Inorganic Mulches

There are two types of mulch: organic and inorganic.

Inorganic mulches are composed of stone, rubber, and geotextile fabric, among other possible components. Inorganic mulch can help to contain moisture and keep foot traffic away. However, it does not improve the soil composition and does not add to the life of your trees.

Using organic mulches can add the most to your tree’s life.

However, it is important to use the proper organic mulch so that it provides the maximum benefit to your trees.

For one thing, organic mulch needs to be fully composted and broken down. Otherwise, your mulch might actually deplete the tree of needed nitrogen. Mulches made from fresh cedar or other evergreen material can even be toxic to the tree.

Organic mulch should also be replenished periodically, which also adds recurring costs and maintenance requirements in comparison to inorganic mulches. Every spring is a great time to add a new coat of fully composted, organic mulch.

Mulching Tip: Don’t Over Mulch

When you add mulch to your trees, be sure to use the right amount.

Adding too much mulch can deprive trees of adequate moisture, as it will all be trapped in your mulch.

In general, you should add between 2-4 inches of mulch in a ring that is at least a 3-foot diameter around your trees.

When you return to mulch in about a year, take account of what remains from the previous round of mulch. If there is adequate mulch still around your tree, there is no need to continually add new thick layers, as you will see diminished returns in terms of an unhealthy tree.

Fresh mulch is helpful for your tree health every year, but you’ll want to replenish as needed to maintain the optimal mulch amount.

How to Add Mulch from Scratch

At the beginning of your mulching routine, you can first kill off the grass that surrounds your trees. Grass is a huge competitor for the nutrients they need to thrive.

Start by trimming the grass around each tree in your landscape area. Then cover the grass with ten sheets of newspaper over the entire mulching area. A 3-foot diameter will be adequate.

Top the paper with 2-4 inches of mulch and water liberally. Within a few weeks, the paper will suffocate and kill the grass. The news print will decompose and become part of the mulch.

Thus, you will have started your mulching routine in a way that ensures success.

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