Few people love gardening.

More people love having gardened.

They love the beautiful results of a well-maintained garden.

For that reason, we came up with low-maintenance flower bed ideas to help you beautify your landscape while reducing the time you need to spend digging in the dirt.

In this post, we discuss a few low maintenance gardening tips for easy-care flower beds.

Oregon’s Native Plants

Native plants are a gardener’s dream.

They require very little watering or maintenance and look great, especially the blooming flowers. Oregon has a wide range of choices that will make for a beautiful, low-maintenance flower bed.

Consider a few of the following native Oregon plants:

  • Western azalea: this rhododendron can be a centerpiece for your flower garden. Native to Oregon, this plant will bloom in or around May and then it will add brilliant color when autumn arrives.
  • Oregon iris: this plant loves the Willamette Valley but extends its presence to Northern California and Washington. Your Oregon irises will love drier, sunny spots.
  • Fawn lily: spring-blooming plants that you can plant in autumn for a spring treat.
  • Wakerobin: a trillium plant that thrives in low-light conditions resembling the forest floor.

Sustainable Flower Bed Watering Made Easy

There are many ways to approach flower bed watering.

You can walk around the garden with a hose and soak each plant at the roots, or you could use a sprinkler that twirls water around the yard until you turn it off.

Or, you could use a more modern solution for watering.

For many plants, you can use a drip system that you only need to set up once, and then operate when you need. Some even put their drip systems on a timer, rendering garden maintenance a far-off memory.

In fact, drip systems are considered by many to be superior to other watering methods. A drip system does not suddenly flood your plants with cool water, nor does it waste water in the form of run-off.

If your soil is dry, the first few passes with the hose might just wash away. Drip systems ease water into the ground, ensuring efficiency in water use and less stress for your plants.

Using Wild Flowers in Your Garden Beds

Wildflowers are a great choice for a low-maintenance flower bed.

You can build a raised garden bed for these lovely flowers, or you could till the earth and plant them directly in the ground.

Use a mix of garden soil and compost to plant packs of wildflower seed. Your local garden store will have a variety of seed packs to choose from.

Once you’ve planted the seeds, make sure they get regular watering and proper nutrition. Once they begin to sprout, adjust your watering timers to give them a bit less.

Soon, you’ll have a flower bed full of colorful, wild flowers. As an added bonus, wildflowers are known for attracting butterflies, hummingbirds, and ladybugs, too.

Since wildflowers are hearty plants, they won’t require too much maintenance, making this one of the best flower gardening tip of the year.

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