5 Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyards

Urban homes often have small backyards that are great for intimate gatherings and outdoor dinners on warm summer evenings. Sometimes it may seem that there’s not much that can be done with such small plots of land, but don’t be fooled.

Make the most of your small backyard with these 5 landscaping ideas to get you started:

Diversify with multiple points of interest

Try to vary the plants in your backyard and group them in a way that is enticing for the eye. You might set aside one portion for a food garden in a raised bed, then put ornamental plants on the opposite side.

Make sure to provide space between each point of interest. A one-foot patch of grass or stones will define the spaces and help you avoid having a yard that appears cluttered.

Rely on native plants

When you use native plants, you can be sure to have something growing in the yard year-round. If your entire yard goes dormant, its size will be all the more noticeable.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, homeowners with small yards can decorate with ferns. Ferns take little space, add vibrancy, and are incredibly low-maintenance.

Select statues with space in mind

Not only do you want to select statues or yard ornaments that fits your space without crowding it, but that give the illusion of expansiveness. Vertical statues and those that branch up and out should provide the viewer with a sense of space.

If you install a water feature, also seek a model that is vertical and which spills water from as high of a point as possible. This will bring the eye up and away from a nearby fence.

Multiple tiers

When you diversify your backyard, use the free vertical space available. If you want a patio for dining or entertaining guests, see that its raised up on either a wooden or concrete platform.

Build a trellis above that you can cover with vines, such as passion flowers or grapes. The trellis will define your patio space and provide sunshade in summer.

Decorate your fence

If you have a fenced yard, add visual interest to it by either painting it or adorning it with decorative items.

A plain fence is bound to give you the sense of enclosure, but decorating it will take the mind away from the reality and provide a sense of depth.

You might consider attaching planters to your fence to add to the greenery in the yard. You can grow herbs, ornamentals or even strawberries all along your fence.

Small backyards offer a challenge for landscapers, but with a little ingenuity, you can create a beautiful, enjoyable outside environment with just a little effort. As you experiment, you are bound to find many possibilities.

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