While we all know that the most important part of any building is what goes on inside of it, it’s still important that we create an exterior that is likewise beautiful and hopeful.

This especially goes for a church whose grounds need to be pleasing to newcomers as well as long-standing parishioners.

Though each congregation will have unique needs, we felt that offering three possible landscape enhancements might prompt more ideas and discussion for improving the overall community.

Use the Outdoor Space for Weddings

The church grounds can be home to many things: preschools, Sunday services, youth group functions, and more. Another vital function of a church is its use as a home for wedding services.

Though your church might already use the main sanctuary for weddings, adding a mixed-use area outside can also be of help.

When the weather is nice, an outdoor service might be exactly what the newlyweds are looking for. Consider improving the sanctuary lighting and audio as well as enriching the environment with brick pathways and gorgeous greenery.

One idea is to add hedges with a focal point, such as a trellis for the betrothed to stand beneath. This space can be converted for funerals and other events, too.

Create Cloisters for Peaceful Retreats

When you are looking at landscape enhancement options, consider adding a few places that are relatively hidden, small cloisters where people can find a bench and some solitude for deep thinking.

These spaces might also be used by clergy for counseling or to sit in the sun and compose the Sunday sermon.

Such a cloistered area might include a bench or two, a birdbath, or even a small fountain that babbles gently for an ambient effect. You could also construct a wooden gazebo, or define the space with hedges and a trellis for an entryway.

Add Meaningful Landscape Features

Meaningful landscape features go above and beyond by enabling people to reconnect with nature and refresh their minds and bodies.

A black oak tree will likely outlive everyone who is there to plant it and will add incredible personality and beauty to the church.

Other additions could include a rose garden. When your parishioners join in, they can maintain either of these as part of a civic social group or even as part of community outreach.

With a food garden, the church could potentially grow the food that keeps several needy families afloat. If you expand and build a greenhouse, your parishioners might be able to feed people year-around.

Other landscape features such as koi ponds and religious statuaries can help bring a sense of Zen and tranquility to the church grounds.

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