Here in Northwest Oregon, it rains. A lot.

This rain is part of what makes us who we are. It keeps our landscapes green even in the darkest months and it makes us appreciate summer all the more.

However, it also poses a real threat to our yards and even our homes.

Luckily with the proper landscaping solutions, you can avoid almost all potential water damage.

Read more to learn how landscape design can save your yard.

Drainage Solution: French Drain

French drains are a popular solution for landscape drainage.

They are hidden beneath the ground and quietly divert water from the home, and put an end to unsightly (and damaging) pools of water during times of heavy rain.

A French drain is comprised of a perforated pipe that is buried beneath the ground surface and which runs at a slope away from your building foundation.

To ensure that water seeps down to the pipe, and is thus ferried away, the conduit must be covered with gravel or other loose rock. To beautify the resulting strip of loose rock, you might place larger flat stones atop the drain ā€“ at wide intervals ā€“ to add more aesthetic value.

You might also place planters on the stones. When you use planters, you can change out the plants to suit your mood and for seasonal adjustments.

Landscape Drainage Systems

Landscape drainage can take many forms.

You might only need a French drain to carry water away from your foundation or to stop water from pooling and compromising your plants’ root systems. However, you might desire a more comprehensive drainage system.

If you are on a flat lot, a long period of rain might compromise your soil, grass, and plants.

Rather than allowing the water to pool, a system of pipes and drains can be placed beneath the surface of your yard. These rather elaborate systems can help regulate standing water in your yard.

Avoid Water Damage to Plants

Keep in mind that standing water can damage more than just your house foundation.

When water is allowed to stand and pool for any significant period of time, it can harm your grass and other plants. Trees can fall when water becomes over-saturated and no longer able to provide a solid support.

Therefore, it’s vital to assess your yard and landscaping to see where proper drainage can protect your home and its landscape.

There are decorative solutions to replace your gutter downspouts, and then you can bury pipes to carry that water to the local sewer or elsewhere.

Save Your Lawn from Drowning with Landscape Drainage

If you’re concerned about landscape drainage problems, we can help keep your lawn healthy during the rain.

At Crowley Landscape Management, our team of landscape designers and architects can develop and install the landscape drainage solutions suited for your environment.

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