Brown spots on the lawn are vexing, rising up out of nowhere to mar your otherwise beautiful landscape job.

They can take many different forms, from single, isolated brown spots, to large swaths that almost seem intentional. In many incidents, brown spots occur during mid-high temperatures when humidity levels are high.

No matter what their form or origin, it’s important to take care of these areas and return your lawn its healthiest condition possible.

Read more to discover how to treat brown spots in your lawn.

Keep Dogs off Your Lawn

When dogs make a habit of relieving themselves on your lawn, brown patches arise.

The problem is the excess nitrogen build-up that “burns” the grass. The cure, of course, is to keep your, or the neighbors, dog off the lawn.

While your neighbors may be responsive to a polite sign or plea to keep their dogs off your lawn, there are a few other methods. Spraying vinegar around your lawn can repel stray dogs and cats from entering your lawn.

You could neutralize the smell of urine with baking soda. If you suspect that a brown spot is due to doggie doings, sprinkle the area with the baking soda and the dogs will not be tempted to return to the spot.

Dogs also strongly dislike the aroma of lavender, so you could plant lavender at the perimeter of your lawn.

Fungal Infection

Rain and moisture provide a great home for fungi and fungi can harm your lawn, especially here in the Pacific Northwest.

If you have a fungal brown patch, chances are that it will grow fast, thus distinguishing from a pet-related blemish. If you suspect that your lawn has fallen victim to fungi, invest in a fungicide and apply to the lawn.

Dull Lawnmower Blades

It should come as no surprise that your own lawn mover can play a large role in creating these brown patches.

Dull lawn mower blades tear, rather than cut, the grass. When the grass is torn, it has a hard time recovering and will turn brown.

This is rather easy to fix. Simply have your mower blades sharpened, keep your lawn watered and tended, and watch it return to a vibrant green in no time!

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