Presentation and business go hand in hand.

You want to make sure that every aspect of your business’ brand is eye-catching for new and returning customers alike. This applies to your website, your business cards, and even the landscaping around your office.

If you are receiving clients to your headquarters, you don’t want a scruffy landscape greeting them upon arrival. In particular, your front walkway should be in top shape for that next big client meeting.

This post offers front walkway landscaping ideas to enhance your commercial outdoor space.

For the Pathway Most Traveled

Before installing a new walkway, you will want to brainstorm how employees, customers, and potential clients will be navigating to your front door.

Sharp turns and multiple curves can cause frustration or have people taking shortcuts off the pathway.

Stick with straighter or sweeping curved walkways can create a formal impression while giving people enough time to admire the rest of your beautiful landscape.

Border Ideas for the Front Walkway Landscaping

If you are unable to create a whole new concrete path, you can give the old one a new border.

You might line either side of the path with a one-foot border of wood chips or sawdust and then cover the ground cover with landscaping rocks. You can use rocks or stones to make the path of your dreams.

Another border possibility are ground cover plants such as ferns or small shrubs. Use ferns or other native plants that will require minimal maintenance while providing beauty year-around. If you’re creative, you can create a design that integrates walkway lights.

During Oregon’s darker days of winter, the added lights will be appreciated by all visitors walking the path. Select solar-powered lights to cut down on installation and energy costs.

Use Ornamental Flowers Along Your Walkway

Ornamental flowers are always a great landscaping idea.

If you wish to plant flowers as a part of your commercial landscaping scheme, discuss your choices with a landscape professional.

You want to select the flowers that not only add great beauty to your business during the spring and summer, but which are also easy to maintain.

Look for perennial flowers such as hibiscus. Bulbs such as tulips are also popular for commercial landscaping to brighten up your walkway.

Make Your Business Shine with Walkway Landscaping

For more walkway landscaping ideas that will fit perfectly your business and property, contact Crowley Landscape Management.

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