All homeowners want an attractive home. When you have a home that is good-looking from the curb, you feel better about coming home to it. Maybe the exterior beauty will prompt you to add flourishes inside, too.

Achieving amazing curb appeal is not necessarily always a cheap affair. However, there are a few key tips to help you reach similar goals on a budget. If you invest a nominal sum and do a bit of work yourself, you can add touches that will enhance your home or business exterior!

Keep reading to gain a few tips on low maintenance landscaping ideas and how to add curb appeal on a budget.

Simple Plant Additions

You can easily add more plant life to your home’s exterior to heighten its aesthetic appeal.

At your front door, you might place potted plants to either side of the entrance, or hang plants from the ceiling of your porch. If you don’t have a porch, you can build or purchase a budget-friendly trellis above your front door and plant a vine to add appeal.

Running vines are a low maintenance landscaping idea. You only need to water them at the root. Once they have been trained to crawl along the lattice, they will take care of themselves. Some may tell you to water the leaves and running vines, but that is not necessary. It’s the root that matters with all plants.

Trellises Add Curb Appeal

A trellis can be used to mark the border where your lawn meets the sidewalk or street.

If you want to get even more elaborate, you can construct a trellis that runs along the perimeter. Hanging plants, running vines, and other plants can adorn the trellis and beautify your home all year.

Lattice is a relatively cheap material to purchase. You could try attaching it to the sides of your garage. Rose bushes can be trained to climb in and around the wooden supports, providing a beautiful, eye-catching detail for your friends and neighbors to enjoy.

Invest in Hardware and Lights

Plant life isn’t the only possible solution to a curb appeal upgrade.

You can add new hardware to your front door, touch-up or re-paint its trim, or totally replace the door with a new one.

You can find salvaged doors for a great price. Even doors purchased new could be a relatively small and valuable investment.

You might also look at your garage door as a place to add value. For just a few dollars, you can convert your garage door into carriage doors. Decorative carriage door hardware is easy to find, cheap, and all you need is a drill to install it. The metamorphosis will only be cosmetic, of course, but the added curb appeal will be invaluable.

Lighting is often a key part of a home upgrade, and your landscaping also benefits.

Add, or update new exterior lighting to your house. If you find attractive fixtures, you can reap the benefits even in the daylight.

If you have a walkway to your front door, inexpensive solar lights can light the way. They will add a sense of safety and beauty, without increasing your power bill a single cent.

Affordable, Professional Landscaping

Here at Crowley, we pride ourselves on providing the best landscaping at the best prices.

Let us install a landscaping scheme in your front yard that will be easy on your wallet both now and in the future. We know the best plants to use, and which can enhance your life with low-maintenance and high beauty.

Want to add curb appeal on a budget? Contact us today!