Your home is your castle. It’s an expression of who you are.

As such, you want to landscape the front yard to make your home as appealing as possible. Not only will this be pleasant for you and your visitors, but your neighbors will appreciate your care and consideration as a part of that community.

We’ve written a post devoted to front yard landscaping that takes a creative approach which we know you’ll love.

The following landscaping ideas are discussed:

  • Hardscape Design
  • Functional Design
  • Irrigation

Front Yard Hardscape Design

Contemporary designers are embracing the hardscape aesthetic these days.

You can integrate this idea into your front yard landscaping with the use of river rocks and a few patches of green. The rocks will also eliminate the need to mow the yard, which many homeowners will appreciate.

When you plant a few bushes or trees among rocks and concrete, the greenery will pop out in a dramatic fashion, lending your front yard a creative, energetic feel.

Crowley Landscape Management can help you design and construct a contemporary front yard landscape that is sure to impress.

Utilize Effective Landscaping Functional Design

Front yard landscapes are often more for curb appeal than utility. However, you can have it both ways by adding beautiful structure to your yard that also fulfills a function.

Consider building a trellis for a loping vine that provides shade in the summer. Beneath the natural shelter you can place a bench or other lawn furniture. Use this as a meeting place for friends and neighbors on endless summer nights.

You can also build planters and raised beds that can house either decorative or edible plants, if not both.

For instance, you could have a planter featuring a few native ground plants, such as ferns, with a ceramic strawberry planter in the middle. You’ll have delicious fruits all summer and then an evergreen landscape piece.

The planters and raised beds are a great idea if you want water-intensive plants, as the structures will help retain your water.

Front Yard Landscape Irrigation

It’s likely that you will need to irrigate your creative front yard landscaping.

Without efficient irrigation, homeowners would need to drag out the hose and a sprinkler. Along with manual watering comes the struggle to find the absolute best placement for the sprinkler so that the water hits the entire yard and risks minimal brown spots, and might even end in watering the sidewalk or passersby.

One easy fix is to use a drip irrigation system that surreptitiously waters your plants without giving your neighbor a free car wash.

Irrigation and water management can end up saving you time and money.

Design Your Front Yard with Crowley Landscape Management

Crowley Landscape Management can help you design and maintain a front yard landscape that is creative, efficient, and beautiful.

We specialize in both residential and commercial landscape design that can add value to your home or business, as well as ongoing custom lawn care to maintain its appearance.

Your Portland neighborhood’s best front yard landscaping professionals are just a phone call or email away! Reach out to the Crowley Landscape Management team today.