Every kid dreams of having the ideal backyard.

A place to run and play or a fertile space for the imagination to roam.

However, adults also want to plant beautiful or edible plants in the backyard. With a little creativity and ingenuity, everyone can enjoy the backyard.

For this reason, we listed some of the best kid-friendly backyard ideas to help stir your creative juices.

Awesome Kid Friendly Backyard Ideas Even Adults Will Love

Find some inspiration for backyard enhancements that with benefit both you and your kids by reviewing the ideas below.

1. Install a Play House

Kids love having forts a play houses in the backyard.

If you are an avid gardener, there’s no reason why you have to sacrifice the space. Consider installing a roof garden on your kid’s play house.

This will teach the kids about eco-friendly house design, offer space for you to grow ornamental or food-bearing plants, and maximize your backyard for everyone.

A playhouse makes the backyard kid and family friendly.

2. Make Art with a Chalkboard Paint Fence

If you have a wooden fence in your backyard, you can paint it with chalkboard paint and let the kids draw to their hearts’ content.

The kids will get a kick out of adding to the aesthetic of the yard, plus you can do special drawings for birthdays or holidays.

Plus, it’s easy to clean for creating new designs!

3. Build a Climbing Wall

You can install a climbing wall and let your kids explore their desire to climb. With a climbing wall, you can reconfigure the foot and hand-holds, creating endless variety and challenge.

An existing backyard fence or structure could be converted into a climbing wall to combine function with play.

They will love challenging their friends to climbing contests and may even decide to take up the sport in the competitive realm.

4. Put in a Sandbox

Your smaller kids will love having a sandbox where they can build castles, roads, or whatever their imagination desires.

When they outgrow sandbox activities, you can remove the sand and fill in the box with mulch and soil for a raised bed. Their play area can become your own, as well as a source of food, if you desire.

This kid friendly backyard solution grows and adapts to your needs.

5. Add a Covered Activity Area

Here in the Pacific Northwest, our backyards are often neglected during the rainy months.

The kids become permanent fixtures on the sofa or in their rooms. With a large covered gazebo, the kids can go outside even if it’s raining. The fresh air will do everyone a world of good.

If it’s too cold, you can add a small chimney and keep everyone warm while you supervise the fun.

6. Creative Gardening for Parents and Children

Creativity and gardening can find an interesting juncture, creating parent-child activities as well as livening up the backyard.

One idea is to save the kid’s old rain boots as they outgrow them. Fill the boots with soil and grow fun plants in them, combining a fun activity and a valuable learning experience about gardening.

You can affix the boots to your fence with hooks, or place them wherever suits your fancy.

7. Set Up Backyard Games

As kids get older, they will lose interest in the swing-sets, tree-houses, and sandboxes of their earlier years.

They might enjoy setting up a covered ping-pong table as they get older. You can either use a temporary tent-like sunshade or build a permanent structure (like a gazebo). Teens will love being able to have their friends over for an outdoor game.

You can also consider using the structure for a pool table, which can be covered for ping-pong or summer barbecues.

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