Naturescaping is a beautiful thing and if you can achieve it in your backyard, you’ll reap the rewards. The point of this method is to bring people and nature together, to build a backyard where we can coexist with landscaping, with the feeling of a backyard wildlife garden.

Naturescaping also creates an environment that is beneficial to insects, wildlife, and keeping streams healthy.

You have probably seen naturescaping without realizing it. Anytime you have marveled at someone else landscaping because it looked and felt natural, that’s naturescaping! There tends to be a feeling of organized chaos in these yards, but they easily maintain the natural beauty with a little intention.

This landscaping technique is popular here in Oregon and with individuals who desire a low maintenance yet lush and bountiful yard, as well as those looking to provide a sanctuary space for wildlife.

This post covers a few different naturescaping pointers that will help you as you consider this option for your backyard.

Design with Rustic Hardscape in Mind

What better way to create a backyard wildlife garden than with natural materials. Rustic hardscaping is all about incorporating natural stone, rocks, and wood into your landscaping.

With stone and rocks, you can create paths that weave around your yard. Or better yet, you could add large boulders to really drive the natural look home. Stone and rock will also add a nice look to your backyard, especially when it ages and grows some moss!

Railroad ties are a perfect element in rustic hardscaping. They bring the natural look to your yard as well as functionality. They are a great piece to use when lining a pathway or garden area. Railroad ties will also weather nicely and you can even plant wildflowers in the cracks.

Use Oregon Native Plants

Nothing says naturescaping more than a garden full of native plants. Naturescaping wouldn’t be what it is today without them.

Native plants are the perfect balance between humans and nature. By using plants that thrive in your specific region, you are promoting plants that native creatures and insects have relied on for years, representing your home state, and creating a beautiful yard!

There is a bounty of benefits when it comes to using native plants. Watering will greatly diminish and there is no need for synthetic pesticides or herbicides. Here in Oregon, you can find a wide range of edible plants, florals, and wild-looking ferns that will evoke your last excursion to our incredible forested lands.

Be a Haven for Pollinators

It is known that bees and other pollinators are having a hard time these days. Scientists are still seeking to figure out the root of the problem, but in the meantime, your backyard can become a wildlife sanctuary for them.

The good news is naturescaping is a fantastic way to support your local pollinators. They love native plants and if you use them in your backyard garden, they will be sure to visit often. Make sure to disperse these throughout your yard so that you can really encapsulate that feeling of a wildlife sanctuary.

Keep in mind that some pesky plants, such as dandelions, are critical for bees and other bugs. They may seem annoying but they will add a nice aesthetic and provide a lot of pollen for bees. And don’t forget about the flowering plants, butterflies need a little love too!

Splash Around With Water

To add more ecological diversity to your backyard wilderness, consider building small ponds. You can keep them fish free or add fish in for a splash of life. The water will attract insects and small animals while supporting the theme of naturescaping.

If you choose to go the fish route, these insects will feed your fish too!

But ponds are not the only way to incorporate water to your backyard wildlife habitat. Think about adding a stream. It will add a nice touch of ‘natural’ to your yard all while providing the soothing sounds that come along with running water.

Naturescaping Is Worth it

Oregon offers two naturescaping programs that provide incentives to property owners who pursue naturescaping practices. Additionally, the state provides workshops to help you learn more about naturescaping and creating backyard wildlife habitats.

If you visit Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, they will be happy to send you a booklet that covers the basics of naturescaping in Oregon.

Design Your Backyard with Crowley

Are you ready to turn your backyard into a wildlife sanctuary?

At Crowley Landscape Management, we can make your naturescaping visions come to life. We love our state of Oregon and the native insects, plants, and creatures that share our home. What better way to express your love by creating a backyard wildlife garden?

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