Every rental property needs to maintain a certain number of residents in order to turn a profit.

One thing that can boost tenant numbers and retention is constant attention to landscape details.

You need a certain curb appeal that attracts tenants who are shopping for a new place to live. Furthermore, you can maintain great tenants through diligent upkeep and periodic changes or improvement to the property.

We’ve written this post to give you a few apartment landscape design ideas.

Apartment Tree Maintenance

Trees are a great addition to your apartment landscape design.

When you plant new trees, be sure to prune them on a regular basis. You want to shape them so that they are aesthetically pleasing and so that you can avoid more time-intensive work later down the road.

If trees are allowed to grow large branches, you may run into trouble in case of a windstorm. Plus, thinning a tree’s canopy can be beneficial to the entire landscape health.

A thinner canopy is helpful in that it lets light filter down to the ground. A thick canopy will starve your grass and flowers of adequate light.

Thus, well-pruned trees can add to your apartment landscape design.

Strategic Flower Placement

Everyone loves flowers, which is why they make a great component to use when landscaping for apartments. However, flowers do take a good deal of upkeep and watering.

To maximize the aesthetic benefits of flowers while keeping maintenance in mind, try to use flowers only where you need them the most. A few key points are at your entryway, in front of the office area of the building, and near any on-site amenities such as a swimming pool, playground, or clubhouse.

Utilize planters for your flowers around your office and amenity areas. That way you can easily change the plants to meet the season.

Hardscaping for Apartment Buildings

Hardscapes provide a very low maintenance option for apartment landscape design that tenants will still love.

For example, water fountains are a great addition to an apartment complex.

A stone-encased water fountain is attractive and requires little upkeep. Plus, the constant white noise can be a selling point for tenants who will appreciate the soothing sounds of water. A fountain might also be a welcoming feature for the front of your complex or building.

Other hardscaping ideas you can implement include concrete patios, statues, and walkways.

A custom concrete patio can be a spot for tenants to gather for barbecues or so simply gather at the end of the day for happy hour.

A statue can add an artistic appeal to the property, and walking paths help your tenants get out of the house for a bit of light exercise. Plus, meeting others on a walk is a great way to build a cohesive community.

Crowley Apartment Landscape Design

Choosing the best landscaping for an apartment building can depend on your budget, desired maintenance level, and the right curb appeal ideas for your layout.

Our experienced landscape design professionals can craft the perfect apartment landscaping that will make your property stand out. We can also provide ongoing maintenance to keep your landscape looking good.

Get in touch with Crowley Landscape Management about your apartment landscaping and start impressing potential tenants today!